Youth Club Session

The Youth Club facility is one of SYA's main attractions. Currently the club is open on Monday to Sundays and during the school holidays. The opening hours vary during the holidays, Please look out for posters on our homepage for events and courses. The sessions are run by a dedicated team who are qualified Youth workers who are multi skilled. There passion is supporting young people with integration into higher education or helping them become employable.

The average turnout of young people in the youth club sessions is 12 – 18 young people.

Our activities included:

  • Table Tennis
  • Pool
  • Foosball
  • Carom board
  • Playstation 4 and PS Move
  • Board games

There is a good mix of different youths within the local estates and across the other side, where some youths do not like going due to gang violence and territorial conflicts, however the club sessions have provided that comfort where when they can enjoy the social time whether they like some one or not. It has given majority of the young people the ability to recognise skills and talents of some one that they didn’t know and appreciate what they have to offer as a young person.

Youth Club Education

SYA also runs educational services to ensure pupils from primary to secondary are achieving the national curricula grade. SYA aims to help those students to excel their education in Maths and English.

Education services:

  • After school club
  • Homework
  • Tutoring

Youth Club Trips

Throughout the year SYA ensures local youth have a great time and stay social with activities. School holidays SYA aim to ensure to have a schedule to the youth go various places.

Youth Trips:

  • Residential
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Cinemas
  • Go Karting